Green Bay Condo Foreclosure at Baird’s Crossing

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some condo developers kept on building a little too far into the real estate bubble and got stuck with their hand in the cookie jar. That’s exactly what happened to the Tom Juza’s Baird’s Crossing Condos on Green Bay’s east side.

Currently units are being sold by the lender, which in this case is Anchor Bank. There’s one particular unit I wanted to point out as it’s a unique opportunity for someone who’s willing to add some sweat equity to the property. The unit is unfinished and looks like it’s only really been framed up, but still needs HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. I haven’t actually been in the unit, but from the images it looks that way.

As of today, the price is currently $69,000 for this 3 bedroom, 3 bath condo with 2,430 square feet.

Green Bay Condo Foreclosure

Green Bay Condo New Construction

For more information about the Green Bay condo foreclosure find the full listing here.

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