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You can search the MLS through the Green Bay Condo Blog and see past sales history in our condo directory. If you see something that catches your eye, simply contact us and we’ll be glad to walk you through the property.

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It seems we’re always getting asked… “what’s the market like,” so these comprehensive and thorough market snapshots tell you exactly how it’s going. Numbers don’t lie, and we can show you exactly where the market is at.

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Curious about where you can find bylaws, condo docs, and information about the many condo communities in Green Bay? We’ve compiled as much information as we could find about all the options, whether or not they’re even for sale, simply so you know what the market has to offer. From the directory you can find photos, maps, previous sales history, photos, and what each condo community has to offer. Visit our Green Bay condo directory

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Nowhere else online will you find all of the condos in Green Bay plotted on one map. If you’re searching for a potential community this is a great way to see where exactly your options are.

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